Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Simplify inventory management with the Warehouse Management System

Seeking a system to optimize your sales, purchases, and inventory management effortlessly? DOSO ERP's Warehouse Management System is designed to not just manage, but streamline and optimize your warehouse operations effortlessly.

Warehouse Management
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Unmatched Features

Comprehensive coverage of sales, purchases, and Inventory management

Automated item inventory management

Streamlined import of items and products from excel in a single step

Seamless integration with all DOSO ERP systems

User-friendly interface requiring no technical expertise

Simple creation of document cycles

Gain Insights into Your Business Performance

Gain Insights into Your Business Performance

Access a dashboard for a comprehensive view of your company’s performance, including sales metrics, top items, and leading sales personnel

Gain a holistic view of your inventory, purchases, and sales, complete with supplier and customer management

Tailor-Made Settings for Your Business Model

Tailor  the inventory policy (periodic or perpetual) that suits your company's system and integrate it with the general accounting system

Establish warehouses and associate them with specific accounts

Identify units, taxes, and salespeople, along with various measurement units, types, and conversion transactions

Form a group for salespeople engaged in the same activity, and register supplier and customer data, which includes VAT numbers, in the ledger

Tailor-Made Settings for Your Business Model

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Complete Control and Visibility

Purchases and Sales: (Purchase quotation, issuing a purchase order, issuing purchase invoices, purchase returns, financial movement, sales pricing, sales order, tax invoice, and creditor notification)

Permits: Addition and disbursement permits, which can be returned automatically from invoices (sales, purchases, or creditor or debtor notifications), or manually

Inventory: Inventory for the entire stock, a specific warehouse's stock, or a defined group of items

Automatically generates financial entries for all transactions.

Enables postings to the accounting system and viewing of previous posting records

Complete Control and Visibility

An App for Enhanced Workforce Management

Enhance your workforce management with the intelligent, integrated Time and Attendance feature of our Doso ERP system. Begin your journey towards smarter employee management today!

Mobile view of DOSO ERP

Comprehensive and Efficient Item Management

Tracking Control:

Manages serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates effectively to assure inventory safety.

Data Import:

Allows easy import of item data from Excel files, expediting the registration and update process.

Item Organization:

Distributes items within specific groups for streamlined access and management.

Variety of Items:

Accommodates multiple types of items, including service, warehouse, and composite items, catering to all business requirements.

Automatic Numbering:

Utilizes an automatic numbering system for items based on their groups, simplifying the classification and identification process.

Ready-to-Share Comprehensive Report Suite

Display detailed reports for purchase or sales models (supplier groups or purchase representatives or a specific item or item group - with a supplier statement of account)

Warehouse: Display detailed reports about the warehouse such as item data, item profits, their balances, and movement

Inventory: Display inventory reports including settlement of addition and disbursement

Reports on customer debts and customer balance sheet review

Display reports for all forms you've created.

Reports on sales representatives' commissions and sales

Simplify Your Subscription Experience

Select the package that best suits your needs, without any additional complications or customize a package according to your preferences