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DOSO ERP Cloud Systems

Step into the future of business management with Doso’s integrated ERP Cloud Systems, tailored for the dynamic Saudi market. Our comprehensive, cloud-based solutions are designed to streamline your operations, offering unparalleled ease, efficiency, and expertise without the need for downloads or technical training!

DOSO ERP Systems

A suite of integrated modules to cover every facet of your business

Everything you need to enhance your business performance in one place!

Doso's Cloud ERP systems take professional efficiency to a new level, providing a ready-to-use platform that streamlines business management. Experience the DOSO difference with a live demo!

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Our features are unparalleled in the Kingdom!

Unmatched Ease of Use

Experience the easy-to-use DOSO's cloud systems! You'll appreciate the user-friendly design from the get-go

Simple and intuitive interface

No technical expertise required

Ready-to-use systems

No programming customization needed

Simplify Your Job
Make Informed Decisions

All-encompassing reports and a superior statistical dashboard with enhanced search features

Gain access to over 100 comprehensive, summarized, and analytical reports

Capability to develop custom reports for distinct time periods

Dashboard enriched with performance metrics and valuable insights

Advanced search filters to augment management and implementation

Flexible Operations, Manual or Automated

  • One-Click Task Completion through Workflow Automation
  • Provision for executing tasks and procedures manually

Effortless Data Exchange with Your Team and Clients

  • Enable secure data sharing within your team through customizable permission settings
  • Provide customers with instant access to shipment tracking, invoice statuses, and transaction details

We’re with you all the time, offering the strongest technical support in the Kingdom

If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, please do not hesitate. Our team provides you with ongoing technical support to assist you with any issue or query

Effortless Integration With Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority


Generate and send invoices in PDF format directly through email


Ensure all invoices and financial audits comply with authority mandates

Global authorityMobile view of DOSO ERP


Share essential data with regulatory authorities automatically


Calculate total fees and VAT obligations accurately

Transition smoothly to the second phase of electronic invoicing in Saudi Arabia, benefit from the free electronic invoicing feature from Doso

Doso Cloud Systems 100% Saudi

Doso Cloud ERP systems are designed with local expertise and dedicated research to meet the needs of customers in the Saudi market, ensuring full compliance with local regulations and systems.

Fully compliant with Saudi market requirements

Precisely tailored to meet user needs in the Kingdom

Ensures strict adherence to local regulations and standards

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Monitor Business Aspects From Anywhere

Supervise daily activities across all business sectors

Keep track of inventory adjustments and warehouse content

Evaluate the organization's financial health regularly

Measure employee productivity and manage human resources effectively

Facilitate seamless data sharing with clients

Instantly distribute invoices

Efficient management of employee affairs, integrated across all departments

Connected with the Muqeem portal

Centralized management of employee affairs

Efficient performance monitoring

Mobile app for attendance and leave recording

Payroll management linked with your accounting department

Real-time tracking of sales representatives' performance

Rest Assured with Reliable System

DOSO ERP Cloud Systems are accredited and fully adhere toall rules and regulations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Enjoy a free 15-day trial of our systems, and rest easy with our 30-day money-back guarantee post-subscription, no questions asked.

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Our Clients Speak for Our Excellence

I have extensive experience with accounting software in the kingdom, but there have always been issues with customer service until we started using DOSO systems. The result was modern system and excellent customer services.

A-Abdulaziz Muawad

Financial Manager

The service was exceptional, and the representative's sophisticated approach was truly appreciated.

Ahmed Al-Said Risha

Finjal Muhil Cafe - Accounts Manager

In our dealings with DOSO, particularly within the electronic invoice program, we experienced a high level of cooperation and a welcoming environment from their customer service. Their quick responses, valuable feedback, and effective employee training have been commendable.

Ehsan Hisham Nehlawi

EasyTake App - Executive Director

Having used the program for some time, we can attest to its comprehensive accounting capabilities across all domains. Its ease of use and the variety of unique reports it provides have greatly benefited our company's operations.

Mohammed Abdel Halim Abdel Ghani

Abraj Al Taj Group of Companies - Financial Manager

DOSO offers simplicity, flexibility, and rapid customer service, all while being accessible on both mobile and computer platforms.

Areej Mohammed Bak

Choice and Mastery Company - Financial Management

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