Electronic Approvals

Electronic Approvals

Accelerate and improve the accuracy of approvals with the Electronic Approval System

Experience superior efficiency with our innovative method for automating and activating administrative approvals. DOSO ERP's electronic approval system equips you with the necessary tools to manage electronic approvals, ensuring automatic, swift, and secure operations.

Electronic Approvals
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Unmatched Features

Offers significant control over the waiting period

Determines the required action at the end of the waiting period

Manage user access and permissions with ease

Archives and displays all electronic approval movements

User-friendly interface requiring no technical expertise

Provides comprehensive information about the approval number, system type, and status

Customizing Definitions Based on Permissions

Customizing Definitions Based on Permissions

Define the stages necessary for executing a water task and identify the users who will perform these tasks

The ability to define and design a workflow, and integrate it into any existing systems at the client's site

Establish an alternative path after a specified time period

Users can conveniently manage all their approvals within the system

Automation of Electronic Approval Procedures

The system features automatic notifications, customizable approval workflows, and real-time tracking

Track the status and current location of a specific procedure's workflow

Direct workflow actions to users in various locations

Integrate with the user permissions system

Automation of Electronic Approval Procedures

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Enhanced Control and Visibility with Advanced Features

Extensive control over the waiting period, both at the same level and hourly, with the ability to determine the necessary action at the end of the waiting period

Capability to add users and define their permissions and levels based on the administrative hierarchy

Archiving and presentation of all electronic approval actions

Enhanced Control and Visibility with Advanced Features

An App for Enhanced Workforce Management

Enhance your workforce management with the intelligent, integrated Time and Attendance feature of our Doso ERP system. Begin your journey towards smarter employee management today!

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Comprehensive and Efficient Item Management

Tracking Control:

Manages serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates effectively to assure inventory safety.

Data Import:

Allows easy import of item data from Excel files, expediting the registration and update process.

Item Organization:

Distributes items within specific groups for streamlined access and management.

Variety of Items:

Accommodates multiple types of items, including service, warehouse, and composite items, catering to all business requirements.

Automatic Numbering:

Utilizes an automatic numbering system for items based on their groups, simplifying the classification and identification process.

Ready-to-Share Comprehensive Report Suite

The Log Report: Includes details such as the user's name who performed the task, the start and end dates of the task, and its current status

Contains comprehensive information about the approval number, system type, movement number, date, and status

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