Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Let us handle employee management with the HR and Payroll Management System

Centralize all your employee affairs, from tracking productivity to managing salaries and permits, in one comprehensive platform! Our Human Resources and Payroll Management System at DOSO ERP offers you everything you need to manage human resources with ease.

Human Resources Management
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Unmatched Features

Integration with the Muqeem Portal

Seamless payroll calculation through integration with General Accounting System

Customizable job settings

Employment application management

User-friendly interface requiring no technical expertise

Multilingual support

Customize HR Processes to Suit Your Organization

Customize HR Processes to Suit Your Organization

Manage and oversee contracts, entitlements, salaries, and more

Define basic details like nationalities, languages, qualifications, and more

Enhanced Oversight for Precise and Faster Operations

Customize job settings to define work systems, job types, departments, and work locations

Define official documents and other work-related entities

Define and incorporate evaluation criteria used to assess employee performance

Enhanced Oversight for Precise and Faster Operations

We are always available providing unparalleled technical support within the Kingdom

If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, please do not hesitate. Our team provides you with ongoing technical support to assist you with any issue or query

Versatile Management of Workplace Dynamics

Employment Applications: Archive candidate information efficiently

Document employee transitions within the company

Performance Evaluations: Customize and conduct appraisals

Transfers and Promotions: Manage departmental or location changes with ease

Leave Management: Set policies for various leave types

Training Records: Keep track of employee development programs

Versatile Management of Workplace Dynamics

An App for Enhanced Workforce Management

Enhance your workforce management with the intelligent, integrated Time and Attendance feature of our Doso ERP system. Begin your journey towards smarter employee management today!

Mobile view of DOSO ERP

Comprehensive and Efficient Item Management

Tracking Control:

Manages serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates effectively to assure inventory safety.

Data Import:

Allows easy import of item data from Excel files, expediting the registration and update process.

Item Organization:

Distributes items within specific groups for streamlined access and management.

Variety of Items:

Accommodates multiple types of items, including service, warehouse, and composite items, catering to all business requirements.

Automatic Numbering:

Utilizes an automatic numbering system for items based on their groups, simplifying the classification and identification process.

Ready-to-Share Comprehensive Report Suite

A report encompassing all employee data, such as personal and job-related details

A report featuring documents, particularly those requiring renewal

A report showcasing all transfer movements

A report assessing employee performance

A report analyzing leave movements and settlements

A report on employees whose services have been terminated

A report concerning penalties and responsibilities

A report on salary and salary statements

Simplify Your Subscription Experience

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