Master your accounting fundamentals with the General Accounting System

There's no need to sweat about the intricacies of systems, any accounting mishaps, or the good old-fashioned task of crunching numbers with paper and pen. DOSO ERP's general accounting system is designed to provide you with everything you need to smoothly and easily manage all your financial matters

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Unmatched Features

No device downloads required

Automatic backup every hour

Easily export reports in XLS or PDF format

Multilingual support

User-friendly interface requiring no technical expertise

Seamless integration with all DOSO ERP modules

Create An Accounting Guide in Minutes!

Create An Accounting Guide in Minutes!

Automatically generate an accounting guide

Modify and customize it according to your business needs

Enjoy unlimited multiple levels in the accounting guide

Streamline Your Finances With Unmatched Precision

Identify specific cost centers for the organization

Outline the organization's list of projects

Customize and analyze cost center elements further

Set up periodic or custom journal templates

Create account groups

Manage fiscal years

Streamline Your Finances With Unmatched Precision

We are always available providing unparalleled technical support within the Kingdom

If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, please do not hesitate. Our team provides you with ongoing technical support to assist you with any issue or query

Improve Productivity with High Efficiency

Enter receipts and payment vouchers

Easily and smoothly record daily transactions

Approve or cancel vouchers

Post entries manually or automatically based on your preferences

Cancel posted entries as needed

Improve Productivity with High Efficiency

An App for Enhanced Workforce Management

Enhance your workforce management with the intelligent, integrated Time and Attendance feature of our Doso ERP system. Begin your journey towards smarter employee management today!

Mobile view of DOSO ERP

Comprehensive and Efficient Item Management

Tracking Control:

Manages serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates effectively to assure inventory safety.

Data Import:

Allows easy import of item data from Excel files, expediting the registration and update process.

Item Organization:

Distributes items within specific groups for streamlined access and management.

Variety of Items:

Accommodates multiple types of items, including service, warehouse, and composite items, catering to all business requirements.

Automatic Numbering:

Utilizes an automatic numbering system for items based on their groups, simplifying the classification and identification process.

Ready-to-Share Comprehensive Report Suite

General Ledger (Summary and Detailed)

Account Groups

General Journal (Summary and Detailed)

Trial Balance (By Balance, Totals, or Analytical)

Cost Centers and Projects (Summary, Detailed, and Analytical)

Financial Position by Levels

Projects (Summary, Detailed, and Analytical)

Income Statement by Levels

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