Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

Let asset management focus on its assets with the fixed asset management system

Take full control and optimize your fixed asset management effortlessly! Our Fixed Asset Management system is more than just a tool – it's your secret weapon for effortless recording, tracking, and maintenance of assets and depreciations, ensuring your operations are secure, efficient, and well-organized.

Fixed Asset Management
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Unmatched Features

Ensures safe and easy control over fixed asset management

Option to activate automatic depreciation

Easily link assets to specific locations and transfer them as needed

Supports both fixed and diminishing depreciation methods

User-friendly interface requiring no technical expertise

Ability to enable automatic asset numbering and depreciation

Complete Customization For Easy Asset Definition

Complete Customization For Easy Asset Definition

Defining asset groups: Create specific groups for each type of asset

Asset definition: Define assets and record detailed data for each one, classified by its location or group

Work locations: Identify the locations where the assets are situated

Define various methods of asset acquisition

Complete Management of All Asset Transactions

Asset Acquisition: Record the opening balance data for each asset. Add newly purchased assets, specifying the acquisition method, account, and price

Depreciation: Apply depreciation for an asset group or a single asset, following the company's specified method

Maintenance: Record any maintenance performed on specific assets and specify the type of maintenance

Keep track of the maintenance schedule for fixed assets

Complete Management of All Asset Transactions

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Advanced Voucher Management

Asset transfer voucher: Easily move or transfer assets between locations or custodians

Addition voucher: Records any additions made to the asset

Asset exclusion voucher: Easily delete assets, specifying the type of exclusion, whether it's total or partial (by sale or stripping)

Asset revaluation voucher: Revalues the asset if it reaches the end of its consumption period or in the event of liquidation (can indicate an increase or decrease)

Advanced Voucher Management

An App for Enhanced Workforce Management

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Comprehensive and Efficient Item Management

Tracking Control:

Manages serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiration dates effectively to assure inventory safety.

Data Import:

Allows easy import of item data from Excel files, expediting the registration and update process.

Item Organization:

Distributes items within specific groups for streamlined access and management.

Variety of Items:

Accommodates multiple types of items, including service, warehouse, and composite items, catering to all business requirements.

Automatic Numbering:

Utilizes an automatic numbering system for items based on their groups, simplifying the classification and identification process.

Ready-to-Share Comprehensive Report Suite

Asset Additions Report: Detailed value of additions made to assets during a specific period

Report on changes in asset values during a specified period

Asset Exclusions Report: Detailed number of exclusions and their value during a specific period

Maintenance report for completed, pending, or incomplete tasks

Report containing asset information

Asset revaluation report for a specified period

Asset value report

Report on the net current value of fixed assets

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